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Technically Overwhelmed?



Ok, so what do we do? We can:


• set up your new devices

• make all your devices talk to each other – iPhone to iPad and iMac

• sort out your WIFI

• help you with your IT issue (before you throw it against the wall)

• give you ongoing IT support (even just on the phone)

• set up or help with networking and backing up your data

• help with email set up and web hosting

• even help get those home videos safely saved and online.

Some of us ‘get’ technology. Some of us don’t.


And those of us who don’t ‘get’ technology, often get tied up in technical knots instead.


Let go. And let us help.


Because we’re the ones who do ‘get’ it. – and, let’s face it, you’ve got more important things to get on with. We even promise not to ask you to “please turn your computer off and then on again”.


So, before you throw that techno device out the window – ‘get’ us in to help.


Fix IT at home. We get technology.


Get in touch today. Go on. Just click this little button below.



6 Humariri Street, Point Chevalier, Auckland 1022

Phone : +64 21 655 133 email:

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